Who am I

Nice 2 Meet You

!Hello! I'm Mario Fdo. Romero, and I'm from Santiago de Cali (Colombia). My passion is interactive media.
I am very attracted to the way you can tell a story or solve a need using different media such as images, illustrations, animations, websites, videos, etc.
I am one of the people who see in each problem an opportunity, and who adapts to each project looking for personalized tools and methods for each one, in order to grow more as a professional and as a person.

What I've Done

Some of my Work


  • 2011 - 2013

    Web Developer

  • 2013 - 2015

    Design Department

  • 2016 - 2018

    Design Team Leader

    These are some projects that I did in companies that I worked in, and some that I have done as a Freelance Designer.

What Tools I Use

Methods and Tools.

Many of the tools that I use have been necessary to learn for specific projects, thanks to them I have been able to use non-conventional methods, giving identity to each project.





Contact Me

¡Lets get in touch!

If I have called your attention, and you would like some tastiness in your project, send me a message and I'll get back shortly. Feel free to get to follow me on my social networks, you may get a few laughs. I like to make stuff too! :)

Digital Agency Compucopiamos

Manageable Website.

Design, development, animation and implementation of a website for a digital agency. This client is a printing company, which wants to extend its services to digital advertising. This website is manageable, under a CMS called Wordpress.

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CAT Group Advertising agency

Manageable One Page Website.

Markup, Development and implementation of the website of the advertising agency CAT Group, this website is manageable, under a CMS called Wordpress.

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H7 Exellentiam Group

Manageable Website, Blog

Markup, Development and implementation of the website for the brand of products and treatments for hair H7 Exellentiam Group. The site has a different layout by section, as well as a blog with a special layout. This website is manageable, under a CMS called Wordpress.

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Galileo Virtual Pipeline

HTML5 Animated Banner

The client created a virtual tour of the gas process through a gas pipeline, which required a promotional banner for users to visit. For this project I use a tool called Adobe Animate.

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BEAUTY MANAGER Educative Program

Animated Video

Demonstration video of the H7 BEAUTY MANAGER training program of the H7 Exellentiam Group brand, made with video sequences and images, and some titles and animated transitions.

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Stay On Design


Development of a One Page Site for a graphic designer. The client had a specific design, which she wanted to realize in HTML5 and CSS3, from a single page, and with a system of modal windows for the work she had done.

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Prana Azul

Animated Logo Video

Animation I did for a client that has a natural mineral water brand. He wanted an element that was present throughout the video, and in general of all the advertising pieces, and that it represented water and fluidity, so I chose the shape of a drop of water.

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Reel Brankey Agencia Creativa

Video Edition

Animated reel I did when worked at Brandkey advertising agency, the idea was to demonstrate the dynamism and direct impact that the agency has with its campaigns.

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Intersalud Ocupacional

Animated Logo Video Proposal.

This is a proposal I made when I worked for Brandkey agency, for an occupational health company.

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Universo Organic Quinoa.

Packaging Design

This is an organic product of an indigenous community, so the client wanted the packaging to be as natural as possible, so I chose a design with only one ink, to print on a paper bag.